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Timber Garage Doors

Side-Hinged garage doors provide a traditional alternative that is becoming rapidly more popular where a garage is used for storage or items rather than vehicles, as pedestrians can have simple access to their garage without having the difficulty of lifting the door up & out of the way. Come to our showroom near Guildford and Woking to see our selection of garage doors.

A garage door that is side-hinged come in a wide range of materials, including timber effect, timber garage doors, steel & GRP & in a range of traditional & more modern styles. Ranges made from steel & GRP have other benefits as well, please contact us for more information.

Our side hinged garage doors all open in an outward direction, this makes them unsuitable for drives which slope up, because this would therefore prevent the garage door opening. If height is problem for you in your garage a side-hinged door is a great solution as there are no mechanisms inside for lifting the garage door over and these can take up space, which you may not have. Timber garage doors can create a traditional or modern look for your driveway with a range off wood colour options available.

Variable Split Options

Side hinged garage doors open outwards & can be split either in half or two thirds depending on what is best for you, your garage door can be made in one of three ways: either a 1/3 – 2/3 or a 50/50 split. If you are likely to only be using this type of door for pedestrian access, we would generally recommend the latter

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