Hormann LPU42 M Ribbed Woodgrain Sectional Door – White

This garage door installation in the Woking area left the customer really pleased as we were happy to install a Hormann LPU 42 M Ribbed Woodgrain Sectional door in White.

This particular garage size is 7’9 ft x 7’0 ft, but due to a waist pipe inside the garage we had to reduce the size of the door to 7’6 ft x 7’0 ft to accommodate this. As the structural lintel was set back further than the brickwork, we used timber liners so that we could fit the door flush and give maximum headroom. We finally trimmed the timber liner and brickwork with 150mm white UPVC and 200mm to the underside of the newly exposed lintel.

As specified by the customer, this specific door was fitted with a Standard Black Handle for manual operation. Sectional doors work just as well in manual operation as they do automatic, due to their spring mechanism making them easy to open and close as they are neutrally weighted.

Hormann LPU 42 Sectional doors are thermally insulated providing help to keep heat in and the cold out, which is especially good when houses are built with bedrooms above the garage, which benefits this particular property as well as giving a modern look.