Can You Automate an Existing Garage Door?

Sometimes garage doors are heavy, especially with older designed doors made with heavier materials meaning these types of doors are not very suitable for elderly people or anyone with any type of physical disability.

If you are finding your garage door too heavy nowadays or simply just want to automate your current garage door then do not worry. Here at AGD we can help take an older garage door and fully automate it. In this quick guide we look at how easy it is to automate your current garage door

Automating Up & Over Garage Door

The traditional up and over garage doors are probably the easiest and most common garage door to automate.

To automate this type of door we can install a metal boom from the opening along the inside structure of the garage itself. At the other end of the metal runner is an electrical motor, which will lift the door up and then slide it along the metal runner.

If you currently have a manual sectional up & over style door then automating this style is fast and easy. If you have a canopy style garage door then it cannot be easily automated due to the spring design and way they operate.

Automating a Side Hinge

If your door is side hinged then this can also be automated by using the same operator system like and up an over but will also require an additional side hinged arm kit which is a high quality, spring loaded conversion arm.

What garage doors cannot be automated?

Whilst many garage doors can be automated there are on occasion some garage doors that cannot be. These types of doors would be any type that has received any sort of significant damage door whereby the door is irreparable. Likewise garage doors may not be able to be installed where the infrastructure of the garage is not strong and can withhold the weight of a garage hanging from its ceiling.

If you are thinking about automating your current garage door and have any questions or you are not sure whether your current door can be automated then, please feel free to call us on 01483 234123  and we would be more than happy to advise.