A Guide to Side Hinged Garage Doors

Offering easy access without having to lift a heavy door, side hinged garage doors are a great option for garages that are primarily used for storage.


What Are Side Hinged Doors?


As the name suggests, side hinged garage doors are made up of two leaves or panels which each feature hinges along the vertical edge, allowing the door to open and close like a standard doorway. This means the garage can be accessed without opening the entire door, which is handy for keeping valuable items out of view when entering or leaving the garage. 


How Does a Side Hinged Garage Door Work?


Most side hinged garage doors are made up of two leaves of the same size, each of which can be opened or closed independently. Opening one side of the door will allow pedestrian access when entering your home through the garage or quickly grabbing something, while opening both sides will widen access when storing larger items.

Instead of lifting or rolling the door upwards to access the garage, side hinged designs work just like any other hinged doorway, making them more accessible for those who struggle to lift the weight of a conventional garage door. 

Because a side hinged garage door doesn’t lift into the roof space of the garage, it doesn’t require a specific amount of headroom to be installed, which is handy if the ceiling height of your garage is shorter than average, or it features a mezzanine level for additional storage.


Where Does a Side Hinged Door Work Best?


If a garage is used for storing vehicles and you need easy drive-in access, a sectional garage door is usually more convenient, as the door slides neatly out of the way to maximise the width and height of the opening. However, if your garage is primarily used for storage, a side hinged door is a great option, as you can easily store items inside or grab something from the garage without opening the entire door. 

Side hinged doors also work well if the space is used as a home gym, office, or workshop, as you can enter the garage as easily as entering any other room of the house. Keep in mind that if your driveway slopes upwards from the garage, a side hinged design might not be suitable, as the door leaves need space to open outwards.

If you have an integral garage and use the garage as the main entrance to your home, a side hinged doorway provides a more conventional way of entering and leaving a property than an up and over or sectional door.


Should a Side Hinged Garage Door Swing in or Out?


All side hinged garage doors swing outwards, which maximises storage space within the garage as items can be placed close to the inside of the door, especially if you only tend to use one side for access.


What Materials Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Made From?


Timber and Steel side hinged doors are available. Timber is a traditional option and will complement other features like a wooden front door or window frames, while steel is a tough and durable choice and is available in wood-effect finishes which replicate the colours and patterns of timber.


Does a Side Hinged Garage Door Require a Sub Frame?


Side hinged garage doors need to be installed with a sub frame, which the hinges are fixed to. Made from either timber or steel to match the material of the door, this frame also acts as a weather-resistant seal to keep the garage warm and dry, while providing a door stop that the two leaves rest against when closed.


Can Windows Be Installed in Side Hinged Doors?


Some side hinged designs feature glazed sections which, like a window, will boost natural light inside the garage while adding visual interest to the front of your home. A side hinged door with a window is recommended if the garage is in regular use, as glazing will ensure the space is bright and usable, and mean you are less reliant on electric lighting during the daytime.


Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Electric?


If required, side hinged garage doors can be automated to provide access via remote control. However, as side hinged garage doors are easy to operate manually, even for those with mobility issues, and less popular for garages used for vehicle storage, automation is not as common. 


Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Secure?


A combination of hardwearing materials and secure locking systems makes side hinged doors a reliable option for protecting your garage and its contents. These doorways can also help to deter would-be intruders, as the contents of the garage remain hidden when only opening one side of the door, which keeps valuable items out of sight.


Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Insulated?


Many side hinged garage doors are designed with added insulation to keep the garage and its contents warm and dry. Look for a model like Hormann who offer side hinged doors made up using sectional doors panels if your garage is used as an extension of your living space and you want to maintain a comfortable environment all year round.


What Should I Do If My Side Hinged Garage Door Breaks?


Everyday wear and tear or accidental damage can cause a side hinged door to break, which might mean that you can’t access your garage or keep it secure. If this happens, contact the company who supplied and installed the door, as most garage door companies carry out repairs as well as installation.


Enquire About a New Side Hinged Door


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