A Guide to Sectional Garage Doors

A secure and space-saving option, sectional garage doors are a popular choice with homeowners looking for a durable door that maximises drive-through access, can be easily automated, and is highly resistant to break ins.


What is a Sectional Garage Door?


Sectional garage doors consist of between four to six separate horizontal panels, which rise vertically before sliding horizontally back into the garage along ceiling runners. When the door is open, the panels sit within the garage roof space. The panels are typically made from galvanised steel and filled with insulating foam to keep the garage warm and dry.


How Do Sectional Garage Doors Save Space?


The design of a sectional garage door means that the full width of the garage opening is retained when fitted behind the opening, with no mechanical arms to restrict access. Because the panels slide neatly into the roof space, very little height is lost, maximising headroom in the garage. This space-saving operation means that sectional designs are a great choice for vehicle storage, as there is plenty of space to drive into the garage, even in wider vehicles like 4x4s or SUVs.

The vertical action of sectional doors also saves space in front of the garage, as the door doesn’t swing out when opened. This allows vehicles to be parked right up to the doorway, which is useful in a household with multiple cars or where driveway space is limited. 


Is a Sectional Garage Door Better Than a Roller Door?


Both roller doors and sectional garage doors open and close vertically, so are popular options for those who park inside the garage or want to maximise space on the driveway. While roller doors have a standard design of narrow horizontal slats, sectional doors are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes. The panels can have a range of different designs, including glazed sections, so there is a sectional door to match the look of every home.

Although roller doors are generally manufactured at 5.2m wide, a sectional door can be up to 6 metres wide. Roller doors typically require more headroom too, as the door roll needs to be accommodated when the door is open. 

If you are considering a roller door, but want a greater choice of designs, have a wider garage, or want to maximise the height of the space, a sectional garage door is a good alternative.


Which Sectional Garage Door is Best?


Many of the leading garage door manufacturers produce sectional models, including Hormann and Garador. For those on a budget, single-skinned sectional panels are generally more affordable, as they don’t have added insulation. Meanwhile, premium designs tend to feature double-skinned panels which are filled with foam insulation. These are a good choice when the garage is in regular use as a workshop or additional room, or when the contents of the garage need to be protected from varying temperatures.


How Long Does It Take to Install a Sectional Garage Door?


The installation of a sectional garage door takes between four and six hours. This can vary depending on the type of existing door that is being removed and whether the new door is being automated. 


How Much Headroom Do You Need for a Sectional Garage Door?


When installing a sectional garage door, between 100 and 220mm of headroom is generally required to accommodate the ceiling runners which hold the retracted panels when the door is open. In comparison, a roller door typically requires around 300mm of headroom, so a sectional door is a good choice where ceiling height is limited, or you need to maximise drive-through height.


Can You Put a Door in a Sectional Garage Door?


Some sectional garage door designs feature a wicket door, or pedestrian door, which is a doorway in the garage door that can be opened independently. Offering easy access to and from the garage without opening the full door, this is handy if you enter your home through the garage or it is used as a passageway between the rear and front of the house. This smaller doorway is also useful when bringing out bikes or lawnmowers.


Are Sectional Garage Doors Electric?


Sectional garage doors can be automated to allow for easy access at the press of a button. Whether you are parking the car or have your hands full, this is a convenient way to enter or leave the garage and improves accessibility for those who would struggle to lift the weight of the door.


Are Sectional Garage Doors Secure?


The robust panels of a sectional door have no leverage points where the door could be prised open, making it highly resistant to forced entry or attempted break-ins. This makes sectional garage doors one of the most secure options for protecting a garage and its contents.


Are Sectional Garage Doors Insulated?


Many sectional garage doors feature a layer of insulating foam to prevent cold draughts and reduce heat loss from inside the garage. Investing in an insulated garage door is a good idea if the garage is used as a gym, office, or workshop, or if you have an integral garage which is connected to the rest of the house.

As well as keeping the garage warm and dry when in use, insulation also ensures that the contents of the garage are protected from fluctuating temperatures or extreme weather, which is important when the space is used for vehicle storage. Some doors also feature rubber weather seals for added protection from the elements.


When Sectional Garage Doors Break What Should I Do?


When a sectional garage door breaks, it is best to contact the company who supplied and installed the door, as many garage door companies offer a repair service. Faults with automation can usually be fixed and in some cases damaged panels can be repaired.


Can You Replace a Section of a Garage Door?


Depending on the extent of the damage, it is sometimes possible to replace individual sections of the door instead of replacing the entire door. It is easier to do this if the surrounding panels are intact and not bent or damaged. Companies that offer garage door repairs will try where possible to repair an existing door to save customers the expense of a brand-new door.


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